Sunshine Valley Organics
Address: 1320 2nd Ave NW Creston, BC, V0B 1G6
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Phone: 250-402-9926
About Us
The Family
When asked how long they’ve been farming, Denise responded that they were “born into farming and [are] still farming.” When asked how they would describe their farm, the term that came forefront to Denise’s mind was “family farm.” That’s because they each do their part to make it run smoothly. Every family member plays a role in the success of this local farm business, and we appreciate the effort! Local organic eggs are now readily available to those of us who don’t have a neighbour down the road with backyard chickens!
The Birds
Located in the Riverview/Creston area, the Barkmans care about their birds’ wellbeing. Referring to their chickens as “the girls,” they feed them high-quality organic alfalfa feed, as well as allow them to forage in the ample grass and open area that they have access to.
The Organic Eggs
And organic eggs are worth it. Not only are they free from antibiotic and arsenic residues, they are high in healthy omega-3 fatty acids. The chickens that lay organic eggs are humanely treated, not kept in cages and not fed unnecessary antibiotics on a routine basis. These happy chickens are allowed to develop naturally; they are not force-fed nor is molting induced to extend egg production. Free-range organic chickens lay eggs that are actually higher in vitamins A, E and beta-carotene, have more antioxidants, on top of all the other nutrients we love eggs for (protein, iron, riboflavin, vitamin B-12, phosphorus and selenium)! Thank goodness for Sunshine Valley Organic Eggs.