Ki Mana Acres
Contact: Kieran Poznikoff
Address: 318 33rd Ave S Creston, BC, V0B 1G1
Email Address:
Phone: 250-431-8420
About Us
Ki Mana Acres is an Urban Farming establishment focused on growing nutrient dense Micro/Baby Greens year round. The drive behind Ki Mana Acres is deeply rooted in pursuit of soil regeneration and high efficiency production. No spray and natural growing methods are demonstrated with diligence during all seasons. Starting early in the 2019 season Ki Mana Acres will specialize in growing Microgreen's (Pea Shoots, Buckwheat Shoots, Sunflower Shoots, and Spicy Micro Mix), Baby Greens will consist of (Spinach, Baby Red Russian Kale, Arugula, Mizuna/Mustard, Beet Greens, Salanova Lettuce and Tatsoi) and Herbs like (Basil, Cilantro and Parsley). The Mission of Ki Mana Acres Urban Farming - is to convert "Lawns to Lettuce", turning under-utilized urban spaces into highly efficient, nutrient dense Greens production.
- Small-scale - Soil regeneration - Natural growing methods - Sustainable -